Another Great Leash

My test group recently received two new leashes to test and review.  We sent one off to Bentley and his folks to give a try and I tried out one on Luke (aka sled dog in diguise).  Luke and I tried out the L-Fa Lead.  Of course I love the look of the leash to start with, red and it has a carabiner.  I love carabiners, not sure why but I think it is the multiple utility uses for them.  I thought that this carabiner might be to big for Luke's connection but it didn't bother him at all.  It might bother a small dog when hooked to the collar as it is quite large.  But it looks very utility and tough, which I love. 

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The handle is padded for extra comfort.  The whole leash was very comfortable to use.

In the middle of the leash is a shock cord section which worked magic on Luke's pulling.  After he initially tried out the new leash he fell into place without so much as a small tug.  I walked as usual so I could get the full read of the leash working on it's own.  I do not like to pull on my dog, if anyone is pulling it's him.   Great leash, it looks very durable. 

Now onto Bentley's test, this was the true test. 

Below review written Bentley's Mom.

Photo courtesy Bentley's Mom (Chelsea Gilbert)

I pretty much had given up ever trying to get my 90lb Labrador to stop taking ME on a walk, until I tried the d-fa “Gandhi” lead. What a perfect name for a lead that truly turned our walks into a peaceful experience. One of the first times out using the lead; it proved to be my saving grace! A cat darted out in front of us from behind a bush and sadly enough; my boy isn’t such an angel and tried to lunge after the cat. Quickly, we both looked at each other in shock. To his surprise had never been flung back into shape so quickly and I was speechless by the mere fact that my arm was still attached! So, needless to say I knew that this lead was something special.

A feature that makes this lead so unique is that the entire lead is not made of shock cord; but rather just a portion which allows for just enough pull. I’ve noticed that without even trying the shock cord is doing its job by allowing quick pulls on the collar if he begins to tug.

The heavy duty carabiner is my favorite feature. It has a swivel motion which allows for easy circling or motioning without the leash getting all tied up in weird sort of ways. In addition, the locking mechanism and sheer size of the carabiner makes it easy, and secure to use during any type of outdoor adventure.

The “Gandhi” lead has the ability to shorten to a shorter traffic lead in seconds with a quick snap of the buckle. I honestly had no idea how useful such a tool actually was; until I used it with this leash. Passing by another dog; a crowded street or for quick rides on the bicycle the ability to shorten the lead has proven to be a necessity for us now.

                                                    Photo courtesy Bentley's Mom (Chelsea Gilbert)

So, as if this weren’t all good enough; the d-fa lead has a special pouch where it makes storing poop bags; keys; money or even that Starbucks card, easy and secure. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to discover the d-fa “Gandhi” lead. Now, I am confident that I will be able to control my dog; enjoy our peaceful walks and can rest assured that my arm will remain attached!