Light Monday

We had a pretty quiet weekend with the hounds.  We had a nice little walk today and yesterday, although yesterday there was a situation that I will blog about in the near future.  I'd noticed yesterday that Luke was a bit stinky, he smelled sort of like grass, dirt, beach and dirty dog.  So it was bath day.  Its always fun deciding who will be first and I swear that Luke can read minds.  He was stressing before I'd even gone down to the bathroom once, it blows my mind.  Although I had said earlier that all the dogs were having a bath today, perhaps he'd been listening.

It was warm out today so that means a drip dry, nice.  Jessie went in first and although she is the quickest wash she kills my back far more than the big dogs.  One of the these days I will invest in a raised tub, I think I deserve it.  So it was Jessie, Luke and then Tilley.  Even though Tilley is by far the best behaved dog we have ever had, she is the biggest challenge to get into the shower.  Once she is in I have to be quick, standing for a long time is tough on her.

Luke stresses before his turn and trembles for a few minutes in the shower normally but today he didn't.  He did tremble after Tilley was done, he always thinks he has to have another bath.  That is until everything is put away and we head to the drying phase.  After everyone had their bath it was outside in the sun to dry.  Just when the poodles are almost dry I bring them in for a forced air dry, it gives them a bit of fluff and helps the complete dry.  As I was finishing up the drying I thought about my blog and wondered.

Inquiring minds want to know, well at least I'd like to know.  I'd like to know what type of blog you guys like to read best.  Do you have any pressing issues that you are hoping one day I will write about?  I'd really like some feedback so if you will, send me a comment telling me what you like to read about best or whatever else you'd like to tell me.