Good morning

Yesterday morning I awoke to the feeling of someone pushing on my back.  That someone was a dog so I thought that it was Jessie.  Since her dementia has gotten worse my son gets up in the morning, let's her out and then puts her into our bed.  I thought it was funny that I hadn't noticed him bring her in and that she was already asleep.  She is typically restless and takes forever to settle.  I reached my arm around to feel for sure and it was a big curly body snuggled up tightly to me.  It was Luke, this was also odd because he almost always is at the bottom of my husbands feet.  But for whatever reason, he had snuggled up nice and close, what a way to wake up. 

It was then that I heard my son come in to put Jessie on the bed.  He normally puts her over beside me but that spot was taken.  I asked him to just put her on the floor, she could snuggle up with Tilley.  He did and left to have his very early breakfast.  I tried to drift off again but listening to Jessie pace around the room sort of restricts sleep.  I listened to her go down to the kitchen where my son chatted with her.  Everyone always asks Jessie what's she's doing these days and frankly I don't think she knows too often.  She must have had an almighty drink of water because I then heard the family slosh sound, nice.  Then I heard another slosh closer to our room and she came in.

"Jessie puked," my husband exclaimed, "yep."  She does this when she drinks too much and then takes off running, she has always done it.  And of course she regularly does it in the morning as you are waking up.  I lay there thinking that I should really get up and clean up the water, that's what it is just slimy water.  But I heard my husband get up, gag, say a few choice words under his breath, gag again and then crawl back into bed.  I always laugh when he gags, I never gag so I find it really funny when big tough guys gag over a bit of puke.  This morning I just smiled knowing how much he hates it yet he got up and cleaned it up.

I got up and made some breakfast for us, all 5 of us.  We always have breakfast in bed with the dogs to start off the day.  And I have to say that it is one of my favorite times of the day.  Everyone eats, and only Jessie is running around hunting for scraps.  Both Tilley and Luke remain in their comfy spot waiting for their food to be tossed to them.  I'm a really good aim now, I use to be a horrible aim and never got it where I had intended.  But with much practice Tilley rarely has to even bend for her food.  This is the life, the true meaning of a dogs life right?

Time to get up and I head to the kitchen.  The puke spot downstairs was saved for me to clean.  And of course she hit the living room carpet.    No gagging, I just cleaned it up.  I then go and get Jessie's blanket out of her crate.  She pees on it every night now, since her dementia that is.  We've tried diapers but she won't keep them on.  So that goes in the wash as well.

Then it was off to the gym for me while the three oldies sleep.  Both Jessie and Tilley were curled up on the giant dog bed set up in front of the patio door in my room and Luke was wrapped into a cocoon with the down comforter still in the spot I'd first noticed him in this morning. 

I'm not gone long, maybe 45 minutes.  When I return both poodles are where I left them.  Jessie has no doubt been in and out several dozen times but is now asleep on the bed big enough for 5 large dogs.  A little old nugget curled up in a very deep sleep. 

It  doesn't always run like clock work.  Some mornings are more hectic than others, but it's my morning and I wouldn't trade it for the world.