Awwwwwwwwwww how cute

This morning I was out at the park with Luke; we were early again and like the other day we saw dogs that we don't normally see.  A nice woman and her two tiny dogs walked past us, a Dachshund and a little Chihuahua type, small and black.  We both commented on a new water fountain at the park which Luke had decided was a giant water bowl and she moved on.  They walked ahead of us and as I watched the little ones; thinking how cute I noticed that the smallest of the two was not being cute.  He was jumping up biting his owners leg; with no reaction from her he latched onto her pants.  After he'd finished with his owners pants he started on his long bodied buddy.

Funny how the little ones get away with murder.  If that had been a big Mastiff grabbing hold of the womans pants; well she wouldn't have had her pants on for long.  Her ignoring routine was appropriate; and in time the dog would perhaps eventually given up.  Hopefully before he tore a hole into one of her favorite pairs of pants.  Unless of course the tugging of the pants was rewarding in itself; so there lies the tiny dog getting off scott free routine.  Ignoring won't work when you have a 150 pounder latched onto your pants.  Training is in order.

I have been called out to homes numerous times because of the "dog peeing on the floor."  Almost every one of those cases was a little one.  Many people have a very difficult time getting angry at small dogs.  Small dogs have an err of perpetual puppy about them; or at least that's how many humans feel about them.  Small dogs often succumb to the small dog syndrome, that of being treated as a non dog.  Sad very sad.

Each tiny dog is just that; a dog and deserves to be treated as such.  They love to run, jump and play like the big dogs.  They need just as much training as the big guys and have as much if not more gusto for life.  So; step back and have a look at that little guy, that's one great dog in there.  Just waiting to come out and play with the big boys.