Networking saves lives

Photo from Downey Shelter

I've recently been sent several stories of senior dogs who were dumped.  The amount of surrendered dogs these days is staggering but the worst of the worst is the old ones.  You all know that I have three old dogs; well Luke is still a young'n at 10 1/2.  If ever our dogs needed us it is when they are old.   They need TLC and frankly they more than deserve it.  They require a soft bed, highly nutritious food an understanding and patient guardian and above everything else, love.  I cannot imagine turning a dog in once they have passed their prime.  It truly breaks my heart.

Networking is really making a difference though in the speed that rescues, rehabilitation and placement of dogs is happening.  And it's not just the young ones, the old guys are getting their turn as well.  Sharon Logan; who is one of the founders of Paw Protectors in Huntington Beach California sent this story to me. 

Sharon was contacted about a 19 year old Retriever who had been surrendered, she got to work immediately.  Action was swift as it passed through other rescues and volunteers via networking.  As each person shared more people became aware and all came together with one goal in mind, to save this boy.  The 19 year old retriever was quickly posted by Julie on    It was very short notice BarkandPurr Alliance Fund offered funds to help transport and put Sharon in touch with Peg from H.A.R.T Animal Rescue.  Saturday night Rescue Paw Protectors agreed to get him out and transport him to Las Vegas Nevada where Peg Steed of H.A.R.T. Animal Rescue would transport him on to St.George Utah which would be his final home.  Saturday night the plan was set, Sharon from Paw Protectors went down to the Downey Shelter right when it opened at 10:00 met by Celeste Charles and pulled the 19 Year old Retriever named Red, Sharon then drove him straight from Downey to Las Vegas 3.5 hours away handed him over to Peg Steed of H.A.R.T.   Along with Kona a 7 Year Old Brindle that was Rescued from Devore 4 hours before his scheduled euth. Peg then drove them to St.George Utah and they now have loving homes. Sunday night Vegas traffic can be horrific; it took Sharon 6.5 hours to get home, but knowing that the 19 year old did not have to spend another night in the Shelter and would not die alone had made it all worth it!

Many, many people were connected in the effort to save "Red" the 19 year old Retriever.  Julie at, many people on FB who networked, shared, and donated funds to get him to safety, Paw Protectors and Celeste Charles who pulled him, Sgt. Torres at the Downey Shelter who was helpful and accomodating, BarkandPurr Alliance Fund who donated for the transport fees and Peg Steed with H.A.R.T Animal Rescue who found forever homes for 2 unwanted Senior Dogs.  People all across the country on FB united to save a 19 year old Retriever.
And look at him now.
When someone passes on some info to you about a dog in need, pass it along.  You never know who will lend a hand.