From feeding bowls to the food in the bowl; I thought this would be a good next blog. 

I was on the way home from the gym when it donned on me that I was out of meat.  As you all know I feed my dogs a huge array of foods as well as a wide variety of proteins.  With my girls the job of feeding different foods is an easy one, not so much with Luke.  He is very picky and definitely has his favorites; which are all too often nothing close to what a dog should or normally eats.  So on the way home I popped into the grocers to see what they had.  I always check for deals and sales, and if I find a good one I stock up the freezer.  I love when I have a freezer full of food for the dogs.

I feel the best when I am giving my dogs "REAL" food.  If I have to feed dog food twice in a row I get feeling very guilty.  Usually it's because I've simply run out of the real stuff but sometimes I'm just in a pinch for time as I have been of late.  With home renovations and juggling dogs it's been tough.  So I bought some Stella and Chewies freeze dried raw for those "in a pinch" times.  I feel much better about an occasional dog food if I can switch that up as well.   So I've decided to have a look at  some canned food as well and keep a good supply of that in the cupboard.  So I'll let you know if I find a good one.

With Luke it is imperative to switch things up anyway.  He does not like to eat the same thing more than twice in a row,  of course unless it is shortbread that is.  The best way to get the optimum nutrition into your dog is to switch it up.  Even if that means buying several different bags of dog food.  Eating the same thing day in and day out is not good for any dog or any human at that.  We need lots of sources of nutrients. 

Snacking really helps with the variety factor as well.  I will occasionally give eggs as a snack, not to Luke of course.   He hates eggs.  Any protein that happens to be left over in my fridge is great for a snack, roast, cheese, fish.  My guys like veggies too, they love peppers, mostly the yellow ones but the will eat the red and the green.  They never have problems digesting these and they are a favorite all around.  The girls eat fruit, not Luke so I have to sneak things like that into his food.

Gone are the days when we bought the idea of one food all the time forever and ever.  Dogs, like wolves are opportunists, and they will often eat whatever they can get.  Take Tilley in the morning, she likes if she gets cheese or bacon but if I give her a piece of apple she will take it with her lips pulled back and bring it to her bed.  There she stares at it until she sees that nothing else is coming and then she eats it.  Eating the same thing all the time is simply not a natural to eat.

When I got home from the grocery store I had bags of meat, beef, chicken, pork, liver and giblets.  Soon after I got into the kitchen I had a boy with his nose raised to the counter.  This is the only time that Luke follows me in to see what's cook'n.  I chopped up some raw roast, added peppers, egg shells and cabbage and had three chowing down their breakfast.  They had chicken for dinner and I was feeling great about it.