A relaxing Saturday

We had, or I should say the dogs had a pretty relaxing day yesterday.  We had our typical walk in the morning; the girls and I meandered around the park while Luke was off with his Dad on the trail.  We met up in the middle and had some treats, then headed home.  Once home everyone had time to chill; cool down although there isn't a whole lot of heating up for the girls.  Anyhow they cooled down and then had a yummy breakfast.  From that point it was R&R time.

We've been renovating the room below; as we chatted about what was to come, colors and decorating the poodles chilled.  Luke actually fell asleep on the one bed I put down there just in case. 

Luke gets comfy

Luke in on the conversation; listening to every word his Dad is saying.

Checking out the carpet I cut for the new wood steps

Nap time again; here Tilley is gazing at her Dad who just sat to the left of her.

Luke wasn't quite ready for another nap; here I'm asking him if he wants me to throw his ball.

A little nibbling.

Listening to Dad again.
Thinking about bringing the ball to Dad so he can throw it again.
Tilley was comfy; ya think?

I get a bow; just because Luke is goofy.
Not happy about all the ruckus in the living room.

Luke decides it's time for a nap now.

And Jessie?  She's been here sleeping the entire time since after breakfast.

All in all a nice day with the pooches; hope yours was great too.