The Doberman

 Jake (Jagameister's Smack Water Jack)

Why a blog on Dobermans?  This is the breed that started it all for me; and very specifically, above is THE dog.  Thirty six years ago I was handed Jake's leash and the rest as the say is history.   Janice; if you are reading this, this one's for you.

Moving onto the present................................

Below is:
                                                Drake (Luddington's Harvest Knight)

I met Drake for a photo shoot this past week; it was my very first full Doberman shoot since my Doberman days so long ago.  

For me, dogs are art all on their own and Drake was surely that.  The whole shoot was filled with WOW, cute, awwwww and head shaking moments for me. 

Not only is Drake gorgeous; he's the biggest sweetheart, most definitely a poster dog for the breed.

Showing off his goofy, playful side.

An awww moment

I was smitten and I think the feelings were mutual.  For a while he wouldn't leave my side far enough to photograph him.  What a face.

I use a term often; airplane ears, it is the Doberman that started that as well.

Kissed by the sunlight; still holding his deflated ball. 


After the ball

I fell in love with the Doberman Pincher many, many years ago.  Getting the chance to be up close and personal again brought back so many memories.  As I sifted through the photos;  images of the many Dobermans in my past flooded my thoughts.  This is a wonderful breed which exudes energy, athleticism and presence.  The Doberman Pincher has a regal heir about them which can camouflage their fun, goofy and mushy side.  Yep; after thirty six years I still love Dobies.