Looking for Mr./Ms. Great Vet

I had to take Tilley to the Veterinarians yesterday.  As you all know I am not one to rush off to the vets and before I do go I arm myself with as much information as I can.  I have a very long history with vets; lot's of vets, lot's of stories and experiences.  This is a new vet; I recently visited him with Luke and his sore toe.  Today was Tilley; she's had a few symptoms which I was watching so today I decided it was time to go in.  I wanted a full blood panel, a urineanalysis and a full check up.

This facility is great for getting me in; even if they are booked they squeezed me in if it's serious.  Being fourteen years old is serious in of itself, so we got in. 

Protocol:  the customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette.

This word "Protocol," ya, not so much a fan of when discussing my dogs.  I had to sign a form which said that I understood that vaccines can be dangerous with a whole list of things that can happen even though Madame Tilley was not getting a vaccination.  I questioned this several times; I don't like signing things when they make no sense.  "It is protocol; I have to get you to sign it."  After much discussion I just signed the thing.

Next issue was the "doing it in the examining room thing."  I can't tell you how many times I done this.  If you are a long time reader you know that I always ask to have everything done in the room that can be done in the room.  So; the very nice RVT (Registered Veterinarian Technician) said that she was fine with drawing Tilley's blood in the room, cool.  But, when she brought in the price sheet for it all she told me that this was probably a one and only time.  Seems it was not allowed; and as we further discussed the situation it seemed that I was also not allowed to restrain Tilley myself.  Okie, dokie.  No way, no how was I going to restrain my girl........all 45 lbs and 14 years of her.  I explained my reasoning which is all canine behavior related.  Dogs do much better if they are restrained by their owner.  The RVT explained hers reasoning which was protocol, being bit, liability.................and we obviously did not agree.

This was afterall only the second time I'd visited; admittedly they do not know who Sherri of Just dogs with Sherri is, right?  Understandable but, I try very hard to give a condensed version of who I am, my experience ya da ya da...............................  Fine; at least I was in the room so that Tilley could see me.   But when the young tech grabbed Tilley's leash and pulled her almost causing her to fall I started to simmer and said "she's got Vestibular, dont' yank her."  She then put Tilley between her legs and pushed down on her rear tellling her to sit, THE PAINFUL REAR THE VET AND I HAD JUST BEEN DISCUSSING.  I immediately told her NOT to do that as she explained why she needed her to sit. 

I understand that some people may become callus after working with dogs day in and day out.  Grab the dog, wedge in between your legs, get the blood and move on.  Well I'm sorry they don't all work that way; I'm sure not all dogs have got the memo.  I know that she would have had a wrestling match had she tried that with Luke.

These are not bad techs, nor are they bad people, and in fact I really like the Veterinarian.  The staff are simply doing it by the book.  And that my friend is my problem.  I want a veterinarian who will take time to get to know me and my dogs.  I mean really know me and what I want and expect.  Do you think for one moment that I EVER allowed a Doctor to just take my kids in the back room and hope that it all worked out okay?  NO.  My dogs need me; they need my presence to help them through the ordeal.  It is bad enough for them that at some point they all will be left at the vets to be spayed or neutered, which seems to be the catalyst to the huge fear they display from that point on. 

The photo above shows many of my requirements; and believe me these are but a few base points.  I have found a wonderful Vet but she is very far and I need to have someone I can rush over to in a pinch with three senior dogs.  So I am still looking; looking for that Veterinarian facility that will listen and work with me and my dogs.  And that does not come out of a book.