Rare breeds

Over the years I've seen a lot of dogs so I recognize most purebreds.  Occasionally I will see a dog that I will have never set eyes on one before.  I love when this happens, I enjoy nothing more than seeing and hearing about a new breed.  I love to hear about their heritage; what they were originally bred for and how much of their natural traits are still there.   At a rare breed dog show I got to see some of these guys that I'd not seen before.

There is an association for these rare breeds who are not yet or may never be recognized by the AKC.  The
American Rare Breed Association list the rare breeds and when and if they are ever recognized by the AKC.

The Red and White Setter, beautiful.  This was the first Red and White I'd seen in person.

The tenacious Patterdale Terrier  I'd not seen one of these guys in person before; they are very rare.

The amazing Beauceron  I've photographed these guys before but never this color.  Note on the back foot the double dew claws.

This was definitely a first for me; I'd never even heard of this breed.  Danish/Swedish Farmdogs.

The Leonberger was recognized by the AKC in 2010 but at the time of this image they were not recognized yet and I think he is gorgeous.  I have shot this breed several times.  In fact yesterdays black and white shot of the dog coming out of the water was a Leonberger, a different dog, different shoot.  Great dogs; huge with lots of hair.

Miniature Australian Shepherd; although I have photographed many of these, none quite as cute or tiny.  

No matter what size, shape, color or coat type, mix or purebred I love them all.  Dogs.