Safety first

I am a safety nut; and I can proudly say that I am my Father's daughter.  Born and raised under the ever watchful eye of a "what if'r."  And now I am a "what if'r."  We have recently been doing a few renovations in the house; one was to remove some horrendous shag carpet which we replaced with laminate flooring.  It looks great but it is really slippy for the dogs.  They are accustom to non carpet floors but in this room they are use to having big time traction so it seems more slippy.

I've been out to a discount store several times and scored some great throw mats.  I cannot believe that I found four that match and they all look great on the floor.  They blend in so that you barely see them.  Yesterday I head out to the store again for some runners for a couple of the spots in the house that seem to be slipped on more often.  With older dogs slipping is a biggy; it is not a fall down and bounce back up thing like with young dogs.  If they go down it's a bad thing so for my tall, long legged poodles we got runners and throw rugs galore.

Now we are fixing the railing in the house, I'm very excited.  When we bought this present house which was only about 4 years ago there were several spindles missing.  As a safety conscious Mom it was one of the first things that I noticed.  Who takes spindles out of a rail?  It is not longer to code and well......................dangerous.  As Tilley becomes more frail and teetering it has become a big worry.  Just the other day I was sure that Jessie was going to take a flying leap off the side of the stairs; with her dementia I worry what is going or not going on in that little head of hers.  So we getting that fixed as well.

There are so many places to be injured in a typical home.  Electrical wires are a big dangers with young dogs and puppies, anything that a puppy can grab that might fall on top of them is a big danger.  Just the other day we were hanging a mirror in our newly renovated family room.  It is a freaking heavy mirror which we had decided to relocate.  One spot was a spot right over a dog bed which was a big NO, I said "what if it fell?"  So it was placed in a spot where there is nothing below; just in case.

For me you can never be safe enough; there is always some sort of danger lurking around a corner.  Take a good look around; you too might just be a "what if'r."  ;)