Friends, we all have them and they all fit into different categories.  Some are simply good acquaintances; others friends are people you see now and again but don't have a huge impact on your life and then there are the friends who are always there; a support system that you can rely on through thick and thin, someone you can turn to in need or just for fun.  You may not see these friends for months or years but the connection is never lost, a true friend in the purest meaning of the word.

Like us dogs have friends and they also fit into categories much like ours.   I love watching dogs meet up with friends; it brings much joy to me as a human when I see them light up by the appearance of a canine friend.  Luke is my easy read dog, that is if you know what the signals mean.  So when he meets friends in all of the different categories he displays appropriately.  He saves his "special friend" category for a very few select dogs.  He likes most dogs and any dog that he has met and hung out with will likely be on his friend list.

Unlike us dogs do not have friends who are simply friends by saying the word, they either are or they are not.  If a dog meets another and they do not mesh, they do not enjoy each others company and want to spend time together, then they will not be friends.  Friends let other friends get away with much more than non friends.  Watching friendships grow into the highest category of best friends is amazing.  Luke had a best friend, Ragzz, but sadly she passed away this year so now that BFF spot is open.

Dogs really enjoy getting together with their friends.  Just ask a dog park regular who takes allotted time out of their day just so that their dog can hang with the gang.   Being with friends is a great feeling; a time when you can let down your defenses and just have fun, be yourself.  I have witnessed several events where a friend dog has stepped up to the plate for another.  While being harassed by a "non friend" dog these friends will support each other in need.  Even though they are not a pack in the truest form of a pack of dogs; they have assembled a tight connection.  One that is not cluttered with image, ego or general BS like we humans tend to incorporate.

A friend is a good thing no matter who you are.