The good life

It's early, I can hear the birds starting to congregate around the feeder outside and a cool morning breeze blows through my patio door.  Opening one eye, stretching and rolling over I come face to face with a big blonde muzzle. How can I not smile; of course this is the good life.   I lean in for a kiss as Luke opens one eye, then he quickly slips back into his little dream world.  Tilley is just waking up as well; she's rubbing her face on her pillow trying to build momentum enough to get out of bed.

We often talk about the good life; the phrase itself can mean a million or more different things.  For me the good life means health and happiness.  It also means that I am lucky enough to indulge in some of the finer things in life; like snuggling in bed with a big fur face.  I may be throwing the zillionth ball into the pool so that it can once again be retrieved.  Perhaps sitting in silence with my three canines as we watch the world go by.

Just a moment ago I was enjoying a favorite snack of mine, white cheddar popcorn from Trader Joe's.  Tilley loves it as well so we were enjoying it together.  Great things are always better when you share, aren't they?  Watching someone else enjoy is pretty enjoying itself.   Oprah is always talking about the good life "live your best life."  Living your best life is a very personal goal; one that many people will never reach.  Goals set out, put on a shelf so high that they may be unobtainable.   When in truth many "best life" moments are the most simple ones.  Having a dog who wants nothing more than to be with you.  It makes no matter where you are or what you are doing; they just want to be with you.

Just the other night I had ventured out as the sun had just set.  The air was cooler, a welcome relief from the sweltering heat of the day.  I sat on our concrete steps which wrap half way around the yard realizing that they still held the heat of the day now past.   As I remained perched on the top step I noticed that I was not alone.  There I sat in deep thought with my dogs by my side.  All of my dogs had come out and were sitting there silently waiting, waiting to see what we were doing next.

I then got up and turned towards them and they all moved in close; three dogs two arms.  There is no dilemma with my bunch; Luke is my hands free boy, he gives the best hugs with arms or not.  I can have both arms filled to the brim and he still delivers the best hugs there are.  Although I have to steady myself when we are hugging hands free; he's quite the bulldozer as he pushes in for his share.  Each dog gets their one on one; two hands surrounding their face as I tell them how special they are.  Before moving into the house we do a big group hug; wrapping my arms around a mound of canine Jessie slips under the poodles for a low level connection.

Honestly, the good life?  This is the good life.