The rhythm of routine

Morning all, I've written many times about routine; how it can be both good and bad depending on the particular routine.  Having a new addition in our house we are out of routine once again and it will take a while to get back there. I like routine so far as daily life running smoothly and that's about it.  I do not like to do the same thing day in and day out and tend to get bored with the same ole.  Having been through Vestibular disease with Tilley; it took us quite a while to work that issue into our daily routine.  Then Jessie was hit with dementia; another adjustment which took us a few months to figure out and we were back on track.

After that Tilley became quite incontinent; again more adjusting to work into the routine.  Two dogs that cannot hear, more altering to get back on track.  And now a new addition which has sent routine out the window.  Change is a funny thing, sometimes it is good, sometimes it can be bad and sometimes things just need a bit of shaking up.  I think the shaking up is where we were; with three old dogs we had slipped into too many mundane routines.  Well, that's all gone now.

With nearly two weeks under our belt with the new addition we are slowly getting back to order.  More than routine is adjustment; adjustment to change.  For a while it can seem like a wrench has been thrown into the works but with patience and a little tweaking to life customization it gets back to routine.  For me there are two meanings of routine; one good and one bad.  The good one is as I said, daily life playing out smoothly.  The bad being mundane; needing some shaking up with some change.

Routine can also be bad when you live with highly intelligent dogs, and I do.  This new addition "Elsa" is amazingly intelligent, scary intelligent so I have had to already switch things up.  It amazes me how quickly such a young puppy can figure it all out.  So as much as we will get back to life running smoothly; which is all about me adjusting, there will be no  mundane routine here for sometime.  And that's a good thing.