City vs. Country

I'm a country girl through and through; I grew up in the country as a youngster.  Although we lived way out in the sticks, the suburbs slowly encroached us causing me to seek out more country once I got married and we were looking to buy a home.   My husband, kids and I moved out to a small town in Ontario Canada called Carp; I loved it there and we had land.  Our house was smack dab in the middle of farm fields so although we only had around two acres we were surrounded corn and wheat crops.  I loved it.  Our dogs only had to use leashes when we went into town and having dogs with too much pent up energy was not an issue, ever.

Then we moved to California; what a transition, wall to wall houses with tiny match box yards.  This of course is far from city life but it is very confined compared to the country life.  Daily outings are necessary and leashes are a way a life.  I'm always off trying to find a vacant field or park where I can let my dogs rip; not an easy task.  My dogs now have had much more variety in their life being that we visit places I probably would have never taken my dogs back when we lived in the country.

Real city life is something I have yet to live with dogs; although I did live in an apartment with my first dog, but not in the city.   City's are lovely, I enjoy visiting them but I do not want to live in one.  I would like living outside a city so that you can have the best of both worlds; country and city living.  I'm going to be visiting NYC soon, Central Park and all.  I have never been so I'm checking out dog areas to see when we are there.   If anyone reading this lives in NYC with dogs I'd love to hear from you.

I've been thinking about city dogs a lot being that we are visiting one of the biggest cities that there is.  I've been pondering apartment life in the city with dogs.  When I first moved out at the age of 18 I had an apartment and a dog; it was definitely a different lifestyle.  Life must revolve more around outings vs. opening the backdoor and letting them run in the yard.  Of course a lack of a yard or large yard is never a reason not to have dogs; I know many very happy dogs who have simply a tiny patio or nothing at all.

Socializing is of course mandatory in a big city especially like NYC.  It's wall to wall people, dogs and cars so  space is not easily come by.  They must be comfortable with it all or lead a very stressful life.  I am really looking forward to the visit and hope to take as many photos of Dogs in the City as I can find.  I will be spending a good amount of time researching  hot "dog" spots to visit.

One of the many wonderful things about dogs; they adapt to pretty much anything.