Dog people

I love talking to dog people; when I'm away on a trip it is even that much more important to find these folks.  I miss my dogs desperately when I am away so I'm always looking; always searching for someone who wants to talk about their dogs.  So far I've been lucky; almost every trip away has produced some dogs and their people for me to chat with.  This trip has kept us on the move but I still found a few. 

I met a few dogs walking in the streets of NYC; happily trotting along with the companions.  With horns honking, a steady stream of people and no grass in sight they seemed quite happy.  Once out of the city is where I got to stop and talk for a bit.  I met a gentleman with his Afghan, Sinbad.  Sinbad was eleven years old so we swapped old dog stories.  He looked old as he plodded along after his owner until another dog showed up across the street.  Sinbad lost years in a moment and displayed and strutted all the bluster he could for this other dog.  It made me smile.

Then we headed down to the shore; there sat the dog who Sinbad had tried so hard to tell off.  He was sitting with his owner so of course we headed over.  This guy was supefor friendly and crazy energetic.  My husband missing our guys as well had a big greeting with this rambunctious dog.  He stopped for a moment; suspicious of my camera, but that didn't last.

I'm glad that there are so many dog lovers in our world, makes finding a dog fix a little easier on my trips.  ;)