Elsa's first class

Well, I have to say that Elsa's first official obedience puppy class went amazing.  We attended the puppy class at Wags and Wiggles.   As you all know I was taking her to class to learn in a different environment and socialize which is so very important.  I thought that there may be a couple of other people but it was just us which ended up being fine because the teacher had an adult Great Dane and a four month old Sheltie pup to work around.  Elsa met the big gal right away in the parking lot; her tail initially fell but it wasn't down long and she was trotting alongside the huge dog on our way to class.

Once in class Elsa was put onto a tie cord; a cord attached to the wall and that is where she stayed to do her work until class was done.  It did make not having to hold a leash much easier to work.  Elsa sat and watched for much of the class; she did what was asked of her and wagged her tail for most of it.  She learned to give eye contact when she hears her name, learned to sit when someone approaches her and the touch exercise.  The touch exercise is when the dog uses your hand as a touch target.  It can be used for many purposes once it is reliable.  Most dogs love the touch exercise; I have taught it to all my dogs and used it extensively.

The teachers sheltie pup was amazing, so smart and attentive for a 4 month old.  I'm sure that's where we will be in another month; at least I hope so.  Elsa is an intense type of dog; very much a working girl and I can see having to rack my brain to stay ahead of her in the game of training.  She catches on so fast and easily that I find myself going through the beginning, middle and final advanced stuff very fast.

So after the learning part was over it was play time; socializing, which is actually learning as well.  The play time is held in a huge warehouse type room; amazing for the dogs to run in.  Elsa met a 13 week old aussie pup who was smaller than her but very intimidating, she didn't care for him at all.  He charged and ran and jumped over her head hitting her hard, not her cup of tea on a first meeting.  She pretty much liked everyone else but stayed close to the humans; especially one trainer human who she really took a shining to.

She did great for her first day; after class we got a tour of the facility, they have a daycare/boarding place as well.  It was pouring so there were a lot of dogs there; rain is a rare occurance here in SoCal.