It's almost gone

Okay, just a heads up if you happen to be eating breakfast; I'm going to talk about gross stuff.  Tilley has had a growth on her shoulder for a very long time.  Not the big giant one on her hip that is filled with a coffee like substance.  It was just a small blip for a while but lately it had gotten so big that we gave it a name; Milley the Mole.  (yes weird I know.)  Mid summer Milley decided to burst of it's hard casing causing it to look even more gross than it already was looking.  It was a huge raw oozing growth; the size of a brazil nut approximately I guess.  I cleaned it and cleaned it, applied ointment and wrapped it and it was not healing so off to the vet we went.

The vet said that it should come off; Tilley should have a surgery, at the age of 14.5.  I very clearly told the vet that there was no way she was having surgery at the age of 14.5 to remove Milley.  I wanted him to give me something to heal it; we could live quite nicely with Milley hitching a ride on Tilley if it was not quite so raw and oozing.  I also asked if he could simply freeze the spot and cut it off.  Heck I know lots of people who have things removed like this.  It was only attached by a tiny end it seemed and stuck way out.  After all Tilley is a dream patient and with my assistance it could easily be done.  He hesitated and said a lot of "what ifs."  We chatted back and forth; for some reason vets don't seem to like to go this route.  But if it was coming off this was the only route that would be taken.

Imagine having your dog live to be a healthy happy 14.5 and maybe not make it through a surgery because of a growth.  No way was it coming off.  So I was sent home with cleanser and ointment and instructions.  It seemed to take forever for that bugger to heal, but it finally did.  Once it was healed it was in danger of catching on something; and when Elsa noticed it she was obsessed for a while so Tilley was put into a shirt to hide it.  That worked and Elsa got over it.

Lately I'd noticed that Milley was looking very dry, dead in fact.  So dead that I was sure I could break it in half at least.  You guessed it; this morning I decided to give it a go, just the tip.  It broke right off just like I thought; so later on in the day I got out my clippers and removed all the hair around it so that I could have a really good look.  It truly seemed to be attached by a thread so I worked with it for about a half hour.  By the end of the ordeal Tilley was left with the smallest tiny blip on her shoulder, the size of the point of a very sharp pencil, I'm not kidding.  I could not believe it; this thing had been there forever and all of a sudden dried up.

So I got out some cleanser and ointment and cleaned her all up.  I really cannot believe it; Milly the mole is now a thing of the past and what is left on her shoulder is not worthy of a name at all.  Weird.