Good Monday morning everyone, I've been away for four days and it is nice to be back.  We were in NYC, NJ and CT.  This trip was a bit different, well at least the away preparations were different.  We left our old dogs at home with the sitter and Elsa went for a sleep over at a new sitters.  Having a puppy and old dogs together is a huge amount of work so we now have a second introduction to do.  Re -introducing dogs always comes with a lot of behaviors.  Even if they've lived together for years there is a re-establishing period.

Many of my training clients over the years have said that after they return from a trip that their dog behaves quite badly.  Even if you only have one and they go off to board or are sit at your own home there is a re-establishing period.  This morning I am picking up Elsa and there will be a short time when everyone is out of sorts again.  She is a very active girl and will no doubt give the old dogs a lot to growl about.

As you all know I run a tight ship and I would imagine Miss Elsa got away with murder while we were away.  Implementing rules and regulations right off is essentially important for a quick and obstacle free re-introduction.  We will also have some obedience and manner refreshing; I'm sure those slipped as well.  There will also be almost a week of missed new obedience to catch up on.  Puppy learn so quickly; Elsa is like a sponge now so best to take advantage of it.

Our old guys may have thought now that she is gone, she's gone.  Maybe she was just a visitor for a few weeks.  They will voice their disapproval and show their joy at seeing her again.  My job is to get our life back on track as quickly as possible by being a strong leader and not allowing any nonsense.  And we'll be back on track once again.