Life's a chang'n

Wow; rough morning for me today, so this blog will be short and sweet as they say.  My rough start to the day is a bad and good one at the same time.  Bad because one of my kids just left, moving to another state; good because she has met someone who makes her very happy, and that in itself makes me happy.  Sitting at my computer with my first coffee of the day I feel strange, life is changing.  Something that I have said for many years is that life is an evolution and it really is; isn't it?

When I look back at my early days, the days that started my life in the whole world of dogs I am happy with my canine evolution.  Life is about moving forward but occasionally we do have to look back to see how far we have come.  Many of us look back and shudder at the things we did or the ideas that we thought were correct.  I have often apologized to my now long gone dogs; telling them that I just didn't know.

Many of my clients over the years have been so upset with the things that they have done with their dogs.  "Sherri I just didn't know," is a phrase that I have often heard.  My response is the same for all; you cannot go back and change things, killing yourself over the past is futile.  Life is about moving on, learning and growing, changing.   Looking at yourself now and yourself 20 years ago, you've changed.  It's all about evolving into the person you will finally be.  Sure we all start out with a base, our core so to speak.  But as we venture through life our evolution commences.

Spending many hours these days out socializing Elsa, it becomes very obvious to me that each and every moment in our lives plays a part in who we are.  How we face life, deal with each issue and handle sorting it all out is who we are.  Hand in paw we go through our lives learning and teaching; becoming a part in the whole picture of a dog and his human.  Man's best friend?  Most definitely.  But are we a dog's best friend?  Through life we most definitely are given the chance to be; whether we take that chance or not is entirely up to us.

Now time for a second cup.  Have a great day.