My Books

It is Monday again, the start to another very busy week.  I am working on a new book, actually I am working on many books but one in particular today.  I am writing a book on the journey I took across the country with my son and our four dogs at the time.  Last week I sat down for the first time to get started on it; I want to write is now so that I can recall most of what happened.  After a huge move and losing two members of our pack of four I think it will be very healing for me as I replay the adventure on paper.  So far I've gotten our first day of travel done and we have just got to the hotel; so much more to come.

This of course has me thinking about the books that I've already done and am currently working on.  I am very nearing the completion of my Standard Poodle photo book that will be gorgeous if I do say so myself.  I have shot so many dogs and met their wonderful owners, what an experience.  It will be a must have for any Standard Poodle lover; and of course it will contain my own guys here and there.  :)

Books that have already been completed and published are my Dogs in the OC and Greyhound Rescue.  I started the Dogs in the OC many, many years ago with the idea of shooting dogs in areas where people actually walk them.  I mapped out many of the parks, beaches and trails within the OC (Orange County, CA) and tried to hit most of the cities.  Dogs of all breeds, mixes, ages and sizes were included.  I remember looking for dogs for the book and people would contact me asking if their dog could make it.  I asked "is it a dog?"  When they of course answered yes, I said "then there in."

Article on Dogs in the OC

Lori Basheda wrote an article on the book for the Orange County Register.  Surprisingly we ended up on the front page.  The link to the article is above; it is from a different paper, couldn't find the Register copy.  If you click on the enlarge image there are 9 other images.  I'm so very happy to have these images now that my two old girls are gone.

Dogs in the OC can be viewed here 

Once I had Dogs in the OC I got to work on the Greyhound Rescue book.  The production of this book was such an amazing experience.  Each and every dog in the book is a rescue, and every dollar earned for the sale of the book goes to  Meeting the dogs and hearing their stories was life altering; what amazingly resilient dogs and wonderful people who rescue them.  I would do the whole thing over again most definitely.

Greyhound Rescue book can be viewed here

So those are my books that are done; like I said I have several in production at the moment.  I am so close to being done my Standard poodle book as well as a first stage New Puppy behavior book.  It is all done I just have to put it all together.  But today will be focused on my recent journey; it is a book that cannot wait.  Lots of writing to do, I best get at it.  Have a great week everyone.