Sunday light

Yesterday's blog was a pretty heavy one so I decided that I'd keep it light this morning.  The sun is not up yet here in CT but Elsa's been out and I'm enjoying a hot cup of java with both dogs snuggled in bed.  It's been a while but Elsa has now learned about just going back to sleep when on our bed.  It use to be such an exciting event; the mere fact that she got to join Luke up on his throne that she couldn't settle.  But watching Luke as he remains in dreamland has helped her; she now soaks up the relaxation and calm in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm thinking the beach today, as you all know from yesterdays blog I'll be staying out of the woods from now on.  With the Super Bowl happening I'm thinking that the beach may be more quiet.  I will also be bringing my camera today which I'm always excited about.  Most times when I am out with the two dogs on my own I don't bring my camera if they are going to be off leash.  It is so important to watch them closely and it can be difficult to be vigilant while shooting.  So with hubby in tow I will have my camera with the extra set of eyes there to watch Elsa's where a bouts.

I hope you all have a great Sunday; enjoy the day out and about with your dog early then snuggle up to watch the game.  I would love to receive pics of everyone enjoying the game with the dog/dogs.  Send them to me either on my Facebook or at   I will post all the images that I receive on a blog this week.  

Stay tuned for beach shots tomorrow.