Getting rid of the crazies

I've got some crazies that I need to get rid of.  These crazies have been caused by too much free time.  Can you guess who has the crazies?  You're right, Elsa.  What are the crazies and what are we going to do about them?  Our crazies are seeing other dogs and feeling as though one should be able to freely interact.  This is the fallout of  too much beach time.

There have been other factors in creating these crazies as well.  There is the tick factor, trying to steer clear of the wretched little beasts keeps me heading for the beach.  Running the dogs anywhere near the woods is just not going to happen.  We tried it here in the dead of winter and ended up with over 15 ticks.  There are very few open parks here which at this time of year have even fewer people at them.  It is very important even at eight months of age that we see lots of other people, dogs and places.  Our  home is quiet, crazy quiet; it is situated on 2 acres in the middle of the woods so during the day its just us three so we need to get out where there is action and people.

Socialization is so very important, if you forgo this essential step you'll pay for it later.  So as much as I am fueling the crazies I have opted to hang at the beach with the other dogs.  I did dog parks when Luke was young even though I am not a big dog park fan and rarely frequent them except to photograph other dogs.  When Luke was young we were able to hang out on the small dog side which was great.  Too many big dogs charging around can scare a young dog doing more damage than good.  It can also be dangerous if a big buff boxer or lab runs head on into a young leggy poodle as well; I don't know how many people I know that have been taken out by boxers or labs.

Today we will hit the beach again; having no other "safe" area to run free or interact with other dogs it is the only option in this area.  Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and it is a beautiful one at that.  But, this is more than likely going to be one of our last trips.  The beach officially closes for dogs on March 31 and does not open again until December 1st, that's a long time. It will then be leash time and learning to walk past other dogs without having full on access to brawl and chase.

She will learn, she is a smart girl but alas she has an abundance of energy.  Chasing other dogs is a great way to shed some of the excess.  So along with our leash walks there will be much retrieving at home and we will sit down and decide what couple of sports we are going to dabble in.

Cut off day for the crazies is just around the corner.