A lock of hair

I was cleaning a room that I regularly groom the dogs in the other day and found a big clump of Tilley's hair.  I was so happy, I grabbed it immediately and put it up where it would be safe.  I hadn't remembered clipping her before the incident but seeing the hair I quickly remembered lying her down on the table and trimming her face.  She was far too beautiful to have a big fur face like Luke.  So she had one last grooming before she left us.

I have a lock of hair of several of my dogs and now Tilley as well.  I am not one to keep ashes and being that I do not want to be buried in the ground I don't bury my dogs either.  I like to remember them as they were.  After death is a very personal thing and this is how I remember; in my heart and a lock of hair.  I don't know how many times I have picked up that tiny brown piece of hair in my jewelry box and sat thinking about Clyde.  Of course my dogs are always on my mind and in my heart but that tiny bit of fur makes me stop and remember.  Tilley's gray hair that is now tucked away safely brought tears; it's still too early to just have memories.  But the tears will soon pass as all the others have.  She was an amazing dog; no two are ever alike but she was one in a million.

I didn't save a lock of hair from Jessie but I know that for as long as I live there will be hair.  She was a crazy shedding dog and I am constantly finding it everywhere.  When I do find the inch long white hairs it makes me smile; what a girl.  They may be gone but they are still very much here with me in my daily thoughts.  A lock of hair or hairs found in the most remote spots in my house create a moment for a personal one on one.