Spring ahead

Spring ahead.........hmmmmmmmmmmm, not typically a fan of this time change.  It makes it so much harder to get up in the morning although today when Elsa got up at her regular 6:30 it was nice to think that it was actually now 7:30.  But like always I feel like I am ripped off with time.  I didn't blog early today because we decided to hit the beach before the crowds came and it was beautiful.  Chilly crisp air and glorious wind, I love the wind.  Especially when my dogs have enough hair to shoot blowing in the wind.

The red line shows  how hide the tide goes up.  We spent most of our time to the far right.

The beach was great this morning, low tide gave us three times as much beach.  If you can only make the beach during hide tide hours the beach is so much smaller.  I took this shot today to show you all what the beach looks like and realized how much bigger it is at low tide myself.  There are only a few more weeks on this beach and then that's it so we will be enjoying it.  Have a great day and I'll catch you all tomorrow.