Take your dog

With all of this crazy weather lately I been thinking about how so many dogs are left behind in emergency situations.  Take Katrina; how many dogs were left behind to fend for themselves?    In Southern California's big fires there were many dogs were left behind.  There are always stories of people running for the hills without their dog; I simply don't get it.  I understand when there are times when it is every man for themselves; things are unfolding too quickly to gather anything but yourself.  But there are times when the whole family gets together and heads out as one but without the dog.

Everyone should have a plan; in an emergency, take your dog.  Never, ever leave your dog behind.  This might mean that you are forced to sleep in your car for a night or search longer to find somewhere that will take both your family and your dog.  I keep extra leashes in my car and collars.  If I ever had to pile them in during an emergency situation I want to make sure that there are collars and leashes.   How many stories do we see on television where people left without their dog or dogs?  Don't do it.

Its not only emergency situations when dogs are left; many people losing their homes for financial reasons are abandoning their dogs.  Can you imagine picking up and moving but leaving your dog?  I most definitely cannot.  There is no reason for leaving a dog behind in this situation.  Losing a home is heartbreaking and often the last straw in a very sad chain of events but leaving the dog behind without thought of their safety or well being is just not okay.

Be prepared; have a meeting place and go over the plan often with your family.  Things happen and when they do; do not forget about your furry family members.  Take your dog.

For those of you who are in the path of the tornados; stay safe.