Hitting the Mall

I am having a difficult time typing this morning; Elsa is being persistent in her head placement.  She likes to touch and wants her head on my arm.  Each time I move it she moves it back again.  I have never felt such a heavy dog; even though she is not even 50 lbs. she feels like a 200 pounder.  It is like she pushes down with all her might, funny little girl.

Yesterday I took the dogs to the mall, it is something I hadn't done since I was back.  In Connecticut I regularly took them into the heart of Greenwich.  It was a small downtown area but was always crowded with people and other dogs making it a great place for socializing Elsa.  Yesterday we went to an actual Mall, it was an outdoor mall but still a Mall.  Fashion Island Mall, in the heart of Newport Beach overlooking the ocean, pretty amazing.  We were meeting some poodle friends from our local poodle group.

We had planned on meeting at a grassy area outside the Mall and it was good that we did.  It gave Luke a chance to lift away before we entered into the Mall.  It was so cute watching Luke see his friends that he had not seen in so long.  There is such a difference when he meets friends, there is no mistaking the behavior.  It is a genuine greeting giving off a "dude, how the heck are you?" feeling.  We met a new member of the group, a three year old named Mac.  Elsa loved him and Luke welcomed him as he typically does into our group.

What a great place to take dogs.  I really want Elsa to be able to go anywhere and be comfortable everywhere we go so this was great.  There were people everywhere and with 6 standards parading down the mall we got  a lot of stares.  One really nice lady asked if she could take a picture with the dogs for her grandchildren, she was really cute.

Its all about manners, learning to behave in a big crowd with arms reaching out to touch from everywhere.  Seeing new things; they got to see a koi pond although neither Luke nor Elsa noticed them.  There was too many other things to look at.  Elsa greeted a small child who was dying to see her and was very sweet with the little one.  The whole time we wandered through the mall Elsa kept connecting with each of the other members, a nuzzle here and there, she loves connections.

There were lots of other dogs there too.  All friendly and another great socializing benefit. I will most definitely go again in a couple of weeks.  What a great time for everyone.