Well I ordered a proof copy of my book yesterday, PBJ & me.  I'm so excited to see it and get it finally done.  I had no idea it would take this long to do but will be thrilled to have it in my hands.  PBJ & me is the story of our six day trip from Southern California to Connecticut and then some.  My son, who was 21 at the time, three poodles, Jessie and me.  With Jessie close to 16, Tilley nearing 15, Luke 11.5 and Elsa at 4.5 mos. it was quite the trip.  Of course as many of you already know it went very wrong midway.  What started out as an adventure turned into an emotional heartbreak.

I have several books on the back burner just waiting to go, so once this one is done and published I will get to them quickly.   I have two books that are ready to publish after this one, they just need the putting together part.  I have to admit the formatting and getting them ready part is not my favorite and it is at that point that they lie dormant on my computer until I get the get up and go to get them done.

I have already started the sequel to PBJ & me which is titled And Back Again (appropriately.)  This second book will cover the time span from when we got to Connecticut, the trip back and a bit after that.  But for now I am waiting patiently for the delivery guy to arrive with the proof copy of the first one.  Once I re-read it and give it the okay it will be available for anyone who is interested.

I love writing, it gives me a chance to empty out a lot of what sits in my head.  I am continually thinking up new book titles and ideas and if I ever get them all done there will be a whole library of my books.  Of course they will all be dog related, I think.  Occasionally I do have thoughts that are not dog related, I know weird.  Have a great day.