July 4th

I know this is more than likely redundant but I have to say it anyway.  Please be sure that your dogs are safe today during the fireworks.  This is the day when most dogs go missing, many never find their way back home and some are even killed.  If you are going out during the day or evening make sure that your dog is safely contained in your house and cannot get out.  People will be setting off firecrackers all day, they started early here yesterday and scared the crap out of Elsa, Luke and myself.  Many dogs who seem to be fine can switch suddenly and be in panic mode.

When dogs are terrified of fireworks or crackers and slip into the panic zone they just want to get away.  They don't even know where they want to go, they simply run.  They will climb a fence that they have never climbed and run blindly trying to escape the noise.  If they have a visual on the fireworks it can be even worse.

If you leave your dog at home, a bedroom is a good place to leave them.  Leave a radio or tv playing loudly.  Put the AC on for comfort so that you can close up the house.  But do not leave them in a room where the temperature will become excruciatingly hot if the power went out and AC shut off.

Think panic if you are leaving your dog today.  They may be just fine but you can never know what might happen when you are away.  Always better to be safe than sorry.

Have a great day knowing that your pooch is safe and sound.