Good morning everyone, I have a very busy day ahead.  For those of you who don't know yet; my book has been released.

You can find it here if you are interested in reading it.

PBJ and me - the adventure that changed everything.

Here is a snippet from the 'Author's notes'

This book details our trip across the country.  December 2011, Brad (my 21 year old son) and I, along with our four dogs left Southern California.  We drove across the country to Connecticut not wanting to put the dogs on a plane.  We were headed to our new life; new home and whatever else lay before us.  It started out as an exciting adventure and quickly turned into something we never expected.  All the details are correct as far as my memory serves me.  It has been a crazy year and this was just a part of it.   

This is book #1 of 2; 2 is well underway.  

Please join me on our PBJ and me Facebook for questions, reviews and chat about the book.  

Have a great day everyone, stay cool.  It's another scorcher here in SoCal.