Just dogs

Just dogs; that's it.  I am a dog trainer, dog photographer, dog writer and dog Mom.  I often think about what job I like best.  Of course the Mom/guardian one is by far the best but as far as actual paying jobs go I am really not sure which one I like the best.  After all they are all working with dogs but in extremely different facets of a dog life.

Dog trainer - this was my first dog job.  I have been a positive dog trainer for a very long time.  I am extremely fascinated by dog behavior, I love it.  I am not a dog trainer that simply teaches sit and stay; no I delve into day to day behaviors that are caused by our behaviors and other dog's behaviors.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new dogs and helping their owners how best to live happily side by side.  There are so many little tidbits that I can give to owners that can make huge differences in their life with their dogs so it is very rewarding.  I love dog behavior.

One part of dog training that I don't like is when people don't follow through.  This can be frustrating as a dog trainer, watching from the outside.  Seeing behaviors that can be changed easily but the owner is not willing.  I can never turn the trainer in me off, that is a problem sometimes.

Photographer - Love this too.  This job is much different than the trainer in me.  I have had to learn to turn the trainer in me off because it is not my job to fix the bad behaviors that I see at a shoot.  Over the years I have been able to slip into the "I don't care" mode which is actually nice.  I get to shoot the bad behavior instead of try to fix it.

No dog gives me a bad shot.  To me, dogs are art all on their own.  I don't often add anything in the shape of clothing or accessories to dogs, I think it takes away from their natural beauty and amazingness.  I believe they can more than stand on their own and whether they are standing looking, sniffing, sleeping, in full action or by our side they are gorgeous.  Each and everyone has such an individual charm and beauty about them.  Much can be seen in the eyes of a dog if the shot is done correctly.  Capturing the dog as an individual should be done by allowing a dog to do what they do.  I love nothing more when an owner says to me "you completely captured my dog."

I do look at dogs as something to put on the wall.  I could sit and watch them all day long, why not put them on my wall?  I love watching them interact with their humans and other dogs.  Capturing those moments is awe inspiring for me.  The gray muzzle and cloudy eyes of a senior all the way to the crazy antics of a puppy; I love it all.

Writing - Love this as well, of course.  I love to share my love of dogs through writing.  Of course I have this blog which is actually a lot of writing.  I've been doing this for years now and will not be stopping anytime soon.  It amazes me that there is always something to write about but when you love dogs so much they are definitely topic worthy on a daily basis.

 Sometimes my writing is about life, just life with dogs.  Other times it is about 'stuff' that can make our life with dogs better.  Behavior, training, more behavior, life, experiences, human interference and much more.  So much to write about.  My writing is rough, you see from my grammar that these sort of things are not on my important list.   When I write I am trying to get a message across, tell a story or share something that I feel is important.  I am not a editor type writer (that's what editors are for) but a writer with a passion waiting to get out.  That passion is dogs and my eye is always on or on the look out for a dog and their behavior.  Whether it be to fix a certain behavior, capturing it in a photo or write about it; I am always watching dogs.