Scared little girl

Last night I took the dogs out into the yard before heading to bed.  Elsa was sniffing around trying to scrounge up a critter to chase when she made a quick lunge towards her foot.  She looked at me and then crossed the yard and did it again.  I told her to come to me so that I could see what the problem was.  She came right away and lunged for her foot again.  I bent over and grabbed her back left foot and couldn't see much because it was dark.  I did see something dark on the side so flicked it off not knowing what it was until it hit the ground, a bee.  She then gave me the hardest donkey kick to the stomach.  She'd been stung.

I took her inside and we headed to bed.  She let me check it once more in the kitchen before we went upstairs.  She is very good about letting me see things and if it hurts she's even better.  It just so happens that I'd bought a new bottle of Bactine with pain reliever a few days ago when Luke started licking his foot so I pulled it out and sprayed his front right and her back left foot.  She continued to be bothered by her foot, constantly donkey kicking.  When she does her high powered back kicks it is amazing the power that is in them. She has huge back leg muscles, much like Tilley did and when she kicks, she kicks.

We went to bed hoping that her foot would feel better in the morning.  As I lay reading she came to my side with the saddest face, she was very upset by her foot.  She is a very emotional girl I'm discovering and the fact that she needs me when she is in pain is a good thing.  Many dogs just want to keep you away when something hurts so this was good.  She lay her head on the bed and looked at me with huge "poor me" eyes.  She reached out and grabbed by arm with her paw and held on.  She was very, very upset, something I have yet to see.  There was no way I could not have her up beside me now.  

She is not allowed to sleep with us normally, not until the clock strikes 5:00 am.  She is the worst bed buddy, she feels like she weighs 500 lbs and that 500 lbs likes to lay right across me.  But she was just too upset to send to her own bed so up she came and settled in quickly.  Not us though.  Draped across me I found it hard to get comfortable.  She was also making me quite hot.  "The things we do for our dogs" I thought as I lay there very much awake.  She gave several kicks which from the groans that came from Steve I knew had landed on him.

Around 2:30 after not getting a whole lot of sleep I got up and tossed a few treats onto her bed.  She happily hopped down and gobbled them up.  She came to the side of my bed to get up again.  "Nope, off" I told her.  She lay down and went to sleep until around 5:00 when Steve surprisingly called her up again.  She immediately draped her 500 lb body over mine and was twitching and snoring in no time.  Me?  No, I lay there thinking "honestly how can she feel this heavy?"  But I finally fell asleep and woke up very warm with a very happy girl's face pressed up against mine.

She is feeling fine now and I am very glad she joined us in bed when she was needed some support for her bee sting.  She didn't know what had happened and was quite upset about it all.  Poor girl.