Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and all the little ghosts and ghouls will be coming out early in the evening.  Last year I used the time for some great socializing for Elsa; this year I believe that there will be a lot of barking.  Now that she is full grown she will be away with Luke.  With tons of children coming I don't want anyone getting scared in the dark.  Plus many dogs freak out at strange little costumes and masks so best to have the dogs safe and sound away from the door.

If your dog will be answering the door with you then it is safest to keep them on a leash.  With all the children acting differently a dog can spook and bolt out a door.  It is dark and very scary to be lost; a leash makes sure that this does not happen.

I am not one who dresses my dogs up for Halloween but for those of you who do be careful.  Costumes can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Be sure that they are not anywhere near any open flames and that they can see.  The more elaborate the costume the more care you must take that they don't bump into something, fall or just freak out.  The shirt type costumes are by far the most simple and less intrusive.

As far as being out and about, keep your eye on them.  They can have reactions to things that you might not bat (haha) an eyelash at.  There is often loud crazy noises on Halloween so take care to make sure that they don't get a lasting and impacting scare.  Children act much different on Halloween than normal, they are very excited so may act erratically; keep your eyes out for anything that might freak out your pooch.

Last but not least is the haul of goodies.  I don't know how many dogs end up at the vets to have their stomach pumped on Halloween or the day after but I'm sure it is quite a few.  Keep all of those goodies up high and well out of reach.  Watch for wrappers that have been carelessly tossed both in your home and on the street.  Children often start eating before they get home so the streets can be lined with wrappers that look mighty good to your dog.