It's raining again this morning. I woke up yesterday morning to rain as well.   We head out early to enjoy it; but the rain stopped as we neared the park.    When we arrived there were a few folks as the drizzle started, but soon the skies opened and the rain came down harder.  Then it was just us; Luke, Elsa and I had the park to ourselves.  The sound of the rain coming down was nice; it made our walk a peaceful one.  I love the rain and when it comes down, I head out with the dogs.  We rarely get rain here and when we do, most people stay in which means we get the parks to ourselves, nice.  

Luke and Elsa don't mind walking in the rain at all.  They don't like to go out to relieve themselves in the rain at home though and sometimes need a push.  Many dogs here have issues with going out in the rain; it is so rare that we get it that many dogs can go a year without seeing a drop.  Elsa will go out into the yard with the first rain and watch the rain drop onto the leaves.  She is mystified by the movement; but it will end with more rain and it becomes normal once again.

I remember when Luke was young; he too was mystified by the rain but for him it was the puddles.  He would watch the rain drop into the puddles for hours at a time.  He seemed puzzled to see the movement in the puddle but not be able to see the thing that landed in it.  He was so cute with those huge ears of his as he stood watching puddles in the rain.  

I fully enjoyed our rain walk yesterday.   Elsa ran after her ball and there was a great deal of flying mud.  Every once in a while the two of them shook the rain off but seemed to be enjoying the change of weather.   I had left my raincoat in the garage, smart.  I checked the skies before I left and decided that the rains would hold off for a while so went without it.  But I had donned my rubber boots which have no traction at all I quickly discovered.  I almost wiped out completely several times when I hit smooth spots on the pathway.  Something to remember when looking for a new pair.

I could have stayed out in the rain all day but I had places to go and people to see.  So we loaded into the Xterra and headed home.  Once we got home, both Luke and Elsa had a good rub down with a towel which they enjoyed as well.  I wish that my camera loved the rain as much as I do.  I love shooting wet dogs running and playing but if it is raining I have to pass.  There are great rain coats that you can get for cameras but with the rare rain fall here I've never purchased one.  I think I will and then I'll be out running these guys and have the chance to capture the glory of a rainy day.