Where to today?

I'm a little furious this morning, I finished my blog before heading to the gym and poof, gone.  Nice.  So here goes again, albeit condensed.

Yesterday Elsa and I hit the park.  When we left the house it was raining, which is why we left.  People tend to stay in when it is raining, we head out.  Typically on the way home from the gym I am pondering our place of walk for the day.  There are many options and yesterday it was a park that I assumed would be empty due to the rain.  As I pulled up I did a quick scan and was happy to see it empty except for a few landscape guys hiding under a canopy.  We got out quick and hit the field; the steady rain quickly turned to a downpour.  It was glorious, for us that is; not for those who thought that it was yucky rainy weather.

This is one of my all time favorite images.  There is little in it but it speaks volumes.  Caught on the East Coast in a heavy fog and drizzly day.  

It's not just here in Sunny California where folks stay out of the rain.  When we were East for a couple of months earlier this year the dogs and I always went out in the rain.  We hit the beach where we enjoyed a much less crowded if not deserted beach to play on.  I loved when there was only a couple of dogs here and there with so much room to run.  The play is always the best when done in moderation.  Everything in moderation right?

I left Luke at home yesterday; it was quite chilly and the fact that he doesn't run much to keep warm I thought it best to keep his old bones on the couch which is where where he was when we got home.  So today is very clear but cold, 37 degrees cold which is freaking cold for SoCal.  So where to?  There are two kinds of walks; power energy release walks and mind stimulating walks.  It is great when you can get in both types at the same time but sometimes you just can't .  So it is mental and physical stimulation you are looking.  Often you can only get in one so it is one type one day the other the next.

It is very important no matter what type of walk or your whereabouts to get out every day.  Elsa is still learning so much, we almost always see something new that she hasn't seen before and life experience is good for everyone.  I'm thinking the beach today; there should be a small handful of folks out in the cold but most will be shopping I'm thinking.

No matter where you are headed today, I hope that at least one outing includes your dog.  Have fun wherever you land.