Time for change.

Last night my son and I sat discussing the human flu shot over dinner.  I am not a fan of the flu shot and think that they actually do more harm than good as does my son.  The discussion went to dogs and back to humans several times as we talked about the similarities with vaccines, over vaccinating and the role that the big pharmaceutical companies play in it all.  We talked about how many dog owners are so brain washed that when the day roles around each year for their annual vaccinations that they quickly rush to the Veterinarians for that shot so that their dog doesn't get sick.  Yes, another blog on vaccines and what you should know about them.

This is a controversial subject, I know that.  But if no one ever talks about it publicly so many dogs may needlessly become ill and/or die.  There are several ideas of how much our dogs should receive.  The conventional thought is lots when they are puppies and then a yearly booster.  There are the minimalists and then there are the folks who think that no vaccines are required.  So I research and I research, you can never research enough.  New information and studies are coming out daily so staying on top of it all can be daunting.

What I am doing is following Dr. Jean Dodds vaccine protocol and then running titers.  

I know that many of you who are reading this are thinking that you feel vulnerable not giving your dogs their annual shots.  I am just recommending reading and researching.  I am in no way telling you not to, just giving you some information on the dangers of over vaccinating.  For far too long we have been told that our dogs needed shots yearly, while we ourselves have shots when we are children and then never again.  I've had titers run on myself and was actually amazed that the health facility offered it for me.

Funny how we do things without thinking.  When things have been done for so many years it just becomes something that we do.  Humans or dog owners need to be thinkers.  Even in our own lives, there are many things that we do just because it's what has been done for so long.  But we are now into 2013; time to start considering each and every step we take in this world.  Whether it has to do with us, our environment, our health, our dog's health and doing the best we can for the canine species as a whole.  Just because we've been doing something for years and years, in no way makes it the right thing to do.  Far from it, so many things we've been doing are very, very wrong; but it takes some thinking opening our mind to other ways to change.  Change can be scary but it can also be something that is long overdue.