Game on

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!

Actually they begin before Penelope is even fully in the door.  Action photography is a specialty and passion of mine.  Action plus interaction is amazing. 

She spends much time on her head; it is a pretty huge head so maybe that's the reason.  Or she just loves being there. 

It is so funny to watch Penny throw herself at Elsa.  She has no sense of self when she does it and often lands on her head or into a wall, fence or anything else in the way.

Could Elsa be any happier?

Just a cute moment.

Penny is learning to soften her mouth, but not always.

Quite different mouths in the two breeds.  Elsa is all teeth, Penny all gums with tiny razors at the moment.

On her head again.

This looks very scary but still all fun.  I just love this shot, I never realized how long Elsa's neck is but when you are after a Bull Terrier it is as long as you need it to be.  :)

I think that it is a mutual adoration.

Levitating Penelope.  She often hurls herself all four legs at once, it's pretty amusing to watch.

Getting her big girl face.

Elsa waiting for the attack.  Might I add that she looks pretty gorgeous here?  

Girls just wanna have fun.

Teeth competition.

I love this shot.  Notice Elsa in the background with her legs off of the ground anticipating the attack. 

Penny is not afraid of Elsa at all, she already trusts her completely.  Not so much the other way yet.

Look how adorable I am.

See I am just a cute little puppy.

Yep, your teeth are much bigger than mine.

Silly girls.

Some whole head chomping.

A fleeting tender moment.  

I said "fleeting."   The canine missile.

After two days of playing, she is going, going................going..........


Elsa gone as well.  She was passed out for most of the day yesterday as well.  MMA (mixed martial arts) all day long takes its toll on a girl. 

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