Earth day

Happy Earth Day everyone.  What is Earth day?  Read about the history of Earth day here.     But for me Earth day represents a day to stop and ponder about this Earth of ours.  One place that we all call home; no matter where on it we are grounded.  I plan on starting the day off gardening, it is something we can all do that is good for our earth.  Planting green is a good thing.  Across the earth there is a huge amount of green removal; by gardening and planting, flowers, bushes and tress we can re-green.  Adding green is always a good thing.

What does Earth day mean as far as our dogs are concerned?

Earth day for dog lovers should be a time of considering what we can do to minimize our footprint, even our canine's footprint on the earth.

-  Use biodegradable poop bags; not the plastic ones you get at the grocery store.  Yes I know they are free but they also sit in the mountains of garbage intact.  There are lots of poop bag stands around and most use biodegradable type.  If you can't find any around, go buy them.  AND pick up.

-  Keep the chemicals off the earth.  No more lawn chemicals, pest controlling chemicals that many spray around their home, yard and dogs.  

-  Even when considering the pest products that you use on your dog.  Don't use anything if you don't have to.  Any chemical we put on our dogs is dangerous.  Plain old suds go a long way to help get rid of pests.  

-  Support the small local pet shops that care about your pets.  Frequent the stores that carry only the good stuff.  My favorite shop nearest to my house is Pet Country.

-  Try to buy green when you can.  There are lots of choices out there now to buy canine related items from companies who create and sell items made from recycled products.

-  Buy locally made when you can, it most definitely helps with the carbon paw print.

-  Recycle, many bags, bottles and cans should be in the recycle bin, not the garbage can.

Grab your best friend and enjoy the earth today, it's Earth Day.