The simplicity of life, the good parts

Sitting here blogging, listening to both Luke and Elsa sleep; this is one of my favorite times of day. The sun is just starting to come up but has not yet made a full appearance.  It's dark, too dark to take a photo without a flash; which is not on my camera at the moment.  But I must have literally hundreds of Luke and Elsa sleeping pics by now, right?  :)  They look so cute I find it hard not to capture the moment, quiet, peaceful and happy...very, very happy.  The simple things, they truly are the best aren't they?  Watching my dogs in a happy state makes me very happy.

"The best things in life are free."  Do you agree with this age old saying?  I do, mostly.  Mostly because there are times when things cost but it is the togetherness that makes a moment a special one.  Yes I had to pay for the bed, the blankets and this laptop but it is the moment when Luke looks up to make sure that I am still here; that point when he is confident that I am indeed staying here in bed when he lays his head back down.  Rubbing his long muzzle on the soft blanket underneath him, he licks his lips and falls back to sleep.  Very happy, a great moment and it cost nothing.

I believe that we are verging on the edge of a new day with our dogs.  A realization that they are far more important to a great life than we ever thought before.  Sure there will always be the naysayers but they can keep their dogless life how ever they see fit.  When we humans take care, proper care of dogs or animals in general we become better humans.  It is that simple.   Dogs are simple, the relationship between a human and their dog can be amazing.  What comes from spending time with our dogs, whether it is playing with, feeding, grooming or like this moment for me; watching them sleep is an amazing connection.

Often when I am sitting watching my dogs or other dogs I consider how amazing this whole dog/human thing is.  We have animals living with us; in our homes, they go in our cars and we spend our days side by side.  Dogs keep us humble, they make us stop and smell the roses.  Allowing a dog to be a dog gives us some of the best times of our lives and mostly they are free.  I try to get to the beach at least once a week with Luke and Elsa.  Luke loves the beach and he is not getting any younger.  There will come a time when he cannot make the beach any longer so we seize the moment now.  Seeing his huge happy face when we get to the beach is almost indescribable.  It brings such a sense of peace over me that I try to let it linger.

Moments, our life is made up of many and when you can pick individual ones out as some of the best; they will more than likely include your dog.  Caring for my dogs makes me happy.  Do I find it too much work?  No, it is what our wonderful life involves.  It is all about giving and no one does it better than our dogs.  Are we doing our part?  We are most definitely getting better.  We are finally taking a stance on those who are not good humans.  Those who care only for their wallets and have not an ounce of concern for the wonderful dogs that they suck the life out of day in and day out.  Hopefully somewhere in the future, these atrocities will be history.

They deserve our all, they give us nothing less.  Take a moment and soak up the amazingness of your dog.  Just sit close and enjoy.  Watching Luke and Elsa twitch and run in their sleep, I ponder "I hope they are enjoying this as much as I am."  It is a moment and I'm taking it.