Those types

Yesterday we headed to one of our favorite beaches.  The weather was amazing, not a cloud in the intensely blue sky and 82 degrees.  It was a beach day for sure.  The dogs love the beach; both Luke and Elsa put on their happy faces before we even get there.  They can smell the ocean as we get closer; with their noses stretching close to the open window.  Not long after we arrived I saw a woman and her two black dogs that we had run into several times before and she was headed straight for us.  The first time we ran into them one had gotten stiff at Elsa and I.  The next time you can read about here.

Having a background on these dogs and their oblivious owner; and seeing that they were indeed out on full extension I gave my hubby who had Luke, a heads up.  We veered to the left and sat at a bench to let her and her unruly dogs pass.  As she passed us she shouted "do you have extension leashes?"   I told her NO abruptly and she continued to tell us about how a man just up the path had yelled at her when her dogs came up to him and his little dog.  It sounded like she got a face full of his wrath.  She thought that she was giving us warning about the man but in fact she was further supporting my opinion of her and her dogs.  She stood behind us for a good long while explaining how her dogs were friendly and she didn't mean to surprise him.  She was obviously shaken by the yelling man; good.  Maybe she will keep her dogs in; although I highly doubt it.

It really amazes me when people do not control their dogs.  If you cannot control your dog verbally then you must keep them on a short leash.  Not everyone wants your dog in their face.  So many people are shocked when a leashed dog goes after their "friendly" dog who is off leash.  If people have their dogs on leash then you better have complete control of your dog if you are considering taking your dog's leash off.  Otherwise leave it on, it is not work the problems that will arise from your unleashed dog approaching on leash dogs.

Do not let your dog wander up to other dogs even on leash before asking.  I use my best body language and getting off of the path if I don't want someone and their dog to approach us.  But that still doesn't deter some, they keep coming blindly.  I had to shout at so many people when I had Jessie, "SHE IS NOT FRIENDLY." If you are going to have an interaction take it slow.  People really don't seem to know their dogs well.  When asked if they are friendly they say "yes" when clearly the dog is not or is not interested in an interaction.

There will always be those oblivious types, like the woman at the beach yesterday.  Sad because those are the ones who give all the good dog people a bad rap.  Now have a great weekend with your best friend.