Weekend fun for Monday morning.

Let the games begin.

These girls just cannot get enough of each other.

Lots of snorting going on with all the curled noses.

Penny is getting very strong.

They love tugging.

Elsa always has a watchful eye out.

Always watching.

The eye contact between these two is a constant.

Much stalking going on.

When Penny finally got the ball but needed a drink; she was not going to chance losing it.  

My ever intense retriever with her eye on the ball.

Elsa is an amazing retriever and catcher.

It was pretty warm so I went into the shade and lay down on the ground to watch the girls play.  Penny immediately came and took up the prime position across my chest for a rest as well.  I tried to capture her there but it was a tough shot.

Fun, fun, fun.

Getting bigger by the day, very grown up looking already.

Luke is still not a fan; Penny tries very hard but she just won't slow down enough for Luke's liking.  She grovels, squints and pulls her lips back but is still moving like a speeding tornado.  

Hopefully you enjoy these shots as much as I do taking them.  Have a great Monday.