Elsa turns 2

She arrived, Sept 09, 2011.

As every one of my canines have reached another year; I dedicate my blog to them on their day.  Today is Elsa's day; two years old, where the heck did the time go?  It seems like yesterday that I was talking to her breeder about the possibility of adding a new puppy to our pack.  It was a huge decision; after all we had three at home already, two very senior dogs and an old guy.  But we needed some young blood in the family; I knew only too well that things would be changing before too long. 

Plans were made as we waited with anticipation.  Seeing photos of the litter and watching videos just made it that more exciting.  We wouldn't know who was going to join us until the final temperament test.  I had discussed in length who, as far as temperament I was looking for to be our new family member.  At seven weeks it was decided, Kaede.  Yes, she was Kaede until just over 8.5 weeks old; until she became the one, the only... Elsa.

What a face.

Does it get any cuter?

Loving every second.

She arrived, stepping out of one life and into another with not even the slightest pause.  She ran with the big (old) dogs like she'd been here forever.  Her arrival could not have been more perfectly timed.  Now it is nearly two years later and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  I remember holding her as a very small puppy in my arms; wondering who she was going to be.  Watching her wonderful interactions with Tilley, Jessie and Luke let me know that she was indeed the one, the right one.

So now here we are two years later and I am head over heels in love.  She is without a doubt the dog that was meant for our family.  Elsa is a happy girl; if I had to describe her with one word it would be 'bubbilicious.'  Elsa's cup over flows with enthusiasm for life in general.  She is most definitely a cup half full kind of gal and goes with the flow.  She has already had quite the adventure in her short two years and been a joy to ride with through it all.

Elsa has turned into a wonderful young adult.  She adores Luke and he adores her; although he'd never admit it to anyone.  Seeing her wrapped around him on the couch when I come home from the gym makes me smile every day.  She in an athlete, tom boy and snuggle monster with high drive.  She is one of a kind, my heart girl.  There is nothing that she won't try, she is amazing.  We have yet to meet anyone who is not smitten by Elsa's charm and sense of humor.  I am very blessed to look down and see Elsa by my side every single moment of the day.  

A big 2 years old, time sure flies.