How long will it take?

Honestly, how long will it take to get rid of puppy mills?  For those who mistreat animals to be brought to justice and not just given a scolding?  For those to recognize the severity of humans who hurt animals?  Or to stop turning a blind eye for the sake of a profit?  Too long, much too long.  We have people who do the damage and those who clean up the mess.  How long can this circle continue?  Have you ever thought about it that way?  The ones who care nothing about animals who more or less toss them out the window and the ones who catch them and bring them to safety.  Honestly what is going on and how long is it going to go on?

Stop the demand and the supply will diminish, it is that simple.  People, stop buying puppies from pet stores and online.  If you can go to a website and purchase a puppy with one click; then I can guarantee you that these puppies are from a mill.  Don't do it.  Do not give those blood suckers your money; because if you do you are fueling the torture of the dogs left behind to reproduce.

What is so hard to understand about this?  Honestly.  Dogs should not be bred like herd animals (and let's not even get into them).  No, they should be bred in a home, one litter at a time and cared for like a human child.  If not, don't buy one.  No dog should live out it's life in a cage.  I do not care if the breeder boasts that they have a wonderful clean and tidy facility.  Bred by mass quantity?  NOOOOOOO.  I know there are people out there who think that these big facilities are the newest and innovative thing.  But they are simply clean puppy mills.  The dogs are not socialized; there is no one on one attention.  It is a money making business and that is all it is.  There is no care or concern for the animals.

Write letters, share pictures, tell everyone you know not to buy dogs from any of these horrible places.  Just imagine if all those puppies that were put out into the public just stopped coming?  The shelters would empty, the rescuers would have a more manageable job and we would be doing right by dogs.  Let's just stop this now; the longer we wait the more dogs suffer daily.  Stop it now.