Good Saturday morning.  You all know that I acquire much of my blog inspiration from simply heading out to the park, beach or field with Luke and Elsa.  Well, I also get much of it just from going for a drive.  We were headed out for dinner last night waiting at a light; strangely it was the same light where I saw the man yanking on his dogs prong collar the day before.  But last night two men were waiting for the walk sign with a yellow Labrador between them.  Of course I spotted them immediately but it was the upward yanking motion that had got my attention.  The man was attempting to get his Lab to sit.  He yanked and yanked and yanked.  Finally in frustration he pushed down hard on the dogs rear end and the dog caved. 

They got their walk sign and started across the street and down the sidewalk right beside me.  I watched as the man continued to yank on the dog's collar.  I shook my head as my husband and I got into the whole discussion of how many people just think that this is what you do.  This s what they saw or learned long ago and continue.  These people don't think about their dog's neck, like many others.  When something is done for so long it can become just one of those things.  But, if you take the time to consider what you are doing; I mean really sit back and have a deep look inside, then things may start to change.  Some have been doing it for so long that the action is just done and will never be thought about.    Like many other things in our lives.

But our dog's necks need our attention.  For far too long they have been yanked around by their necks without an ounce of consideration for the fallout of that behavior from us.  Much damage can be inflicted by yanking a dog around by their neck.  Fallout behaviors from collar grabs is a common occurrence requiring rehabilitation.  A collar is a place to hang ID tags and attach a leash for safety purposes.  But if the collar is used as a control device; it can become a dangerous thing causing serious injury.   The yanking needs to stop.


I have a new laptop and a dead computer so bare with me for a bit until I get my big one fixed and this one learned.