Dirty dog?

Yesterday I uploaded this video of Elsa to several of my FB sites.  Most people loved it; they thought Elsa was a great baking assistant, and of course she is.   But a few folks commented that they hoped that the knife she was licking was just a dog knife; or that it was going in the garbage afterwards.  Of course this left me pondering on how different we all are.  I never gave Elsa's knife licking another thought after she had enjoyed the almond butter.  I did what I always do and rinsed the knife and placed it into the dishwasher with all the other dirty dishes. 

I am not one who spends hours and hours scrubbing an disinfecting, let's say a cleaning fanatic.  No I  prefer to spend time doing things that I love. I for one think that my home is pretty darned clean; not spotless but perfectly livable and I've had a lot to compare it to.  I've been inside a lot of dog houses and I could tell you some stories of what I've seen.

As far as those who feel the need to live in a perfectly disinfected world?  Well, I believe that those disinfecting spray and wipe things are actually bad for you.  Not only do they add a bucket load of chemicals to your life but they also take away good germs and bacteria.  Our contact with common germs on a daily basis is how we build a great immunity.    There are many studies being done on babies, immunity and animals.  Just being around dogs is good for your health in  more ways than one.  Dirt and germs from our dogs help to keep us healthy.  Of course I'm not talking about filth; just good old normal dirt that is life with dogs. 

Everyone is different, we all do in life what we see fit as correct for us.  I've been in dog owners yards which were filled with poop from fence to fence and yet they see  nothing wrong with this.  I for one am mortified that it is not picked up and clean but hey, it's their house right?  Other homes allow their dog or dogs to constantly counter surf; helping themselves to whatever they like.  Again, not in my house.  I have also seen people soak up a pee accident with a paper towel and then walk away.  That is their way of cleaning it, just soaking it up.  Not me, I'm down scrubbing.  But to each his own. 

I love gardening in the dirt; it makes me happy.  But I know lots of people who hate getting dirty; dirt on their hands if far from enjoyable.  Everyone's idea of clean is as different as each individual.  The fact that Elsa licked my knife was just fine with me.  I was licking it after her; it was going in the dishwasher where it would be thoroughly cleaned after I rinsed the remaining almond butter off.  I take a very common sense stand as far as life with dogs and cleanliness.  But of course this is my own opinion and there are as many differing opinions as there are dogs and people. 

But don't forget that there is good dirt and in the long run it could boost your immunity.  :)