Cannon Beach, OR

This beach was spectacular.  The picture is taken at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR.  There were many dogs enjoying the beach which made me miss Luke and Elsa even more than I already was.  I will be back with them to enjoy this beach soon. 
I spent yesterday in Cannon Beach, OR.  All I can say is that it is breathtakingly beautiful; that and very, very dog friendly.  I am so impressed and excited when I find new dog friendly cities.  I had heard that it was very dog friendly but I always have to experience it for myself.  Dog friendly does not mean the same thing for everyone. 
As soon as we arrived it was obvious that this was somewhere that people bring their dogs; there were dogs everywhere.  We quickly found a spot to have a bite at the Local Grill & Scoop.  As we walked up onto the deck there were two families leaving with their dogs.  Another dog sat tied, looking anxious but quiet as he sat alone, waiting for his owner to return.  (Another blog in the future on this subject)
After we sat and dug into our lunch; three other dogs arrived with their owners.  The seating area was small and there were four dogs in attendance.  Not a peep was heard by any of the dogs.  I was so impressed by the manners of these dogs that I had to ask if I could grab a quick shot of two.  Sadly my good camera was in the car so these are just cell phone shots.  Plus it looks like maybe some of my lunch was on the lens.  :)   The above gal is Billy, an adorable Old English Sheepdog who was on her best behavior and sweet as can be.
This little lady sat in silence right behind my chair.  Had I not seen her arrive out of the corner of my eye I would have never known that she was there.  She was an adorable Miniature Australian Shepherd. 
You could have come in, sat and eaten lunch without ever knowing there were dogs there.  This is so wonderful to see; but how do you get your dog to be so well behaved?  Exposure and training.  It was quite obvious that all of the dogs who were sitting so quietly were accustom to accompanying their humans on their outings.   When a city is dog friendly it enables people to expose their dogs to much more; which creates more well adjusted dogs.  Teaching dogs to sit quietly while you have lunch takes time and experience.  The more outings you have the easier it gets. 
This excerpt was taken from the City of Cannon Beach, OR website. 

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs are allowed on the beach, as long as they are on a leash or under voice control of the owner. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the dog is physically controlled.

Nice, very nice.  All the dogs that were on the beach yesterday were either on a leash or very well behaved.  One little German Pinscher ran around the beach off leash totally ignoring all the other dogs.  Even when a young American Bulldog lunged at the end of his leash trying to play; the German Pinscher completely ignored him and continued on with his human. 

What a great beach; I cannot wait to bring Luke and Elsa here.