Back home

                                                                      Snug as a bug in a rug.  :)

Back home and in my favorite blog spot; my bed surrounded by poodles.   We got in last night from a two day drive and we are all very tired.  While I was away, lots of issues arose and I saw many things to blog about.  So I have a good supply of blog topics for a while.  I also decided to start my Traveling With Your Dogs book.  It was an idea before but now after another big trip I've got lots of material; so stay tuned for that coming next year.

As we got closer and closer to the house, both Luke and Elsa stood up in the car for the rest of the trip.  With their noses held high in the air they took in what smelled to them, like home.  After pulling into the driveway and entering the house Luke and Elsa spotted Brad.  Luke spun and Elsa dove on Brad.  They both bounded around; so happy to be home.  No one could miss the joy that they felt being home.  As nice as it was for us to be home; it was even better watching Luke and Elsa so happy to be home.   

The first thing to get done once we got home was to get Luke into bed.  But before that he had a good dinner and a tiny bit of television watching.  As most of you know Luke loves to lay and watch t.v. at night.  It is one of his favorite things in life.  It is not the actual t.v. watching but the fact that we too are sitting on the couch for an good amount of time.  Each night he stands tapping his toe in the kitchen doorway; once he has eaten and we have had dinner he wants the next step to be, us heading downstairs.  So as tired as I was last night I headd down with a spinning Luke by my side.  He charged to his spot on the couch and dove up so fast he landed on his head.  His old legs don't work like they use to anymore.  But I helped him to get straightened out and situation just right and we sat and took a moment. 

Next was bedtime, it took but a moment to get him to his feet and he charged up the stairs and plopped immediately on his bed.  He got his night time treats and a drink of water.  So there he lays, in his bed, at home and happy as a clam.  Ahhhhhh, Home Sweet Home.