Luke and Elsa hit the Wineries


Yesterday Luke, Elsa and I headed out to sight see.  We drove south to the next town and wandered around looking for a great park.  I actually found a park but didn't want to make yet another U turn so we kept going onto the next town.  What we did come across was a favorite winery of mine.  On my visit back in the summer we hit a lot of wineries (dogless).  Duck Pond had left an impression with me as a warm and friendly place and I wondered as I pulled off the main road if Luke and Elsa would be welcome. 

I remembered seeing some really great dog items in their store and photos of dogs in the entrance so I thought that they might be.  Sure enough, they were more than welcome on the patio.    With my wine tucked away in the car I leashed up Luke and Elsa.  The walk to the entrance is beautiful with the vines hanging through the trellis from above.  Along with the few lingering fall leaves; it looked much like a postcard.  Being that it is not exactly prime outdoor weather; the place was quiet and we had outside to ourselves.

There is something amazing about being in a vineyard.  There was a chill in the air; hinting of the colder and wetter weather to come.  The rows of grape vines made me think just how much fun Elsa would have charging up and down them.  Oh how I would have loved to bring my chuck it along and entertain her in the vineyard, while Luke watched the Koi in the pond.  As soon as we approached the pond Luke spotted the fish, but not Elsa.  I don't know if it was the glare or what but she did not see them as they all charged over with their mouth open wide.  Luke surely did and I think he would have loved to go into the pond for a while with them, imagine. 

After touring the grounds we head back to the car while Elsa took in the sights of the vines overhead. 

Being in OR we are thoroughly enjoying the green.  Lots and lots of green, even in November.
Back home, time for a nap and a glass.  If you're ever in the area, check out Duck Pond Cellars and tell them Luke and Elsa sent you.  :)