Each is an individual

We are all different and our dogs are all different.  Same breed dogs are different from one another as is a whole litter or puppies.  Temperament testing is a big eye opener if you've always thought that "a puppy is a puppy."   "All my puppies are about the same," is a common statement from those who do not do temperament testing.  Although dogs are fairly simple once you understand them; they are also very complicated.  Different, like us they are all different.  Of course within breeds there are certain common traits; but that is not always a given.  Do you know how many people I know who are very sad that their Labrador hates water?  Or that their Golden Retriever wants nothing to do with retrieving? 

Dogs have likes and dislikes; just like humans.  But the one thing dogs don't ,is pretend.  This makes them a much easier read than humans in that what you see is what you get.  Of course they will often use avoidance in a situation but if you understand that too you will be able to see it.  The more dogs I meet the more I see the individualism.  All of my poodles have loved to retrieve; they have also all been amazing guard dogs (didn't know that about poodles did you?)  But as far as the little things, like eating, affection, bold/shyness; they have each been very individual.  Luke has always been a very confident dog; he is a dominant dog but not obnoxious about it.  If a dog confronts him he will typically walk away.  He is very much a lover not a fighter.  He is very emotional; the most emotional dog that we have ever had.  Tilley on the other hand was on the shy side; but solid as a rock.  You could not startle or shake that girl for anything. 

Each is such an individual; taking the time to learn those small differences is very important.  What one likes does not mean another will.  How they perceive stimulus can differ hugely.  What one sees as a threat, another may see as a friend.  One dog may read dogs well while another goes in blindly.  It is so very important to know these small differences in your dog.  Are they a good communicator?  I see a lot of dogs out there that are very poor communicators; much like many humans I know.  But unlike humans, dogs do not pretend or lie so a read is a read. 

A dog can be summed up in a few words; as a general typing of personality.  But there is so much more to each as an individual.  Knowing the little things that make your dog tick can be secret to living together in harmony.  Look inside for the answers.