Standard Poodle

I'm heading out this morning to get some fleece.  Fleece is one of the most versatile materials you can have around when you have dogs.  I use to have bags full of it but alas I've actually run out.  So I'm off to Joanne's today to stock up.  Recently Luke has been feeling very spry and decided to play more.  Playing more means tug-of-war with Elsa; which means that toys are being destroyed and spread everywhere.  Tuesday night my family room was covered with fluff; yesterday it was my office.   Looking down at all the fluff I disappointed to see the toys ruined.  Elsa has just learned not to ruin her toys but they cannot stand up to the tugging between these two.  But, I am so happy to see Luke wanting to play again that I'm off to Joanne's to buy fleece for more toys.

Previous blog on braiding toys with fleece.

When Jessie and Tilley were with us I used fleece everywhere and everyday.  It covered every bed in the house which were covered first with an absorbent pad and then fleece.  Jessie's bed had fleece in it that required washing everyday.  She could not wear a diaper in the end as her dementia caused her to turn circles in her crate.  The diaper would just fall off within minutes; fleece kept her dry as it tends to be very absorbent.  She had a whole pile that were hers alone piled on top of her crate and cleaned everyday.  Fleece is great for blankets on chilly nights and to keep in the car.  When we travel, fleece is kept on top of the bed for the dogs.  Plus fleece is a great thing to bring into hotel rooms for a familiar bed spot. 

When you buy fleece, there are two types; stretch and non stretch. The stretch is much nicer than the non although it is a bit more work, muscle wise to braid.  The stretch is easier to braid but you have to braid it very tightly for a good end result.  The non is hard to braid as there is no give.  So I always buy the stretch type.  Fleece is cheap too; wait for it to go on sale.  It always goes on sale as it comes in all the seasonal patterns and collars.  You can get remnant pieces for even less than sale price. 

Fleece is my favorite material to cover beds in the house as well.  You can buy colors to match your décor and it makes keeping beds clean much easier.  I absolutely  hate pulling beds out of their cases to washing; so keeping a fleece blanket on top means less washing the whole bed.  Fleece stays put better than most other fabrics too. 

So I'll be braiding today.  Miss Penny is coming over tonight so there will be much tugging going on I'm thinking.  Fleece braids are a great gift idea for your dog this Christmas too.  :)